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Expiry & MFG Date Coding Printers

Types : Continuous Inkjet Printers | Thermal Inkjet Printers | Laser Marking Printers | Case Coding Printers | Bar code Printers INDUSTRY :  Food | Beverage | Dairy | Baked Goods | Confectionery | Packaging | Pharmaceutical | Construction | Chemical | Electronics | Contract Packaging | Cosmetic | Snack Food | Wire & Cable | Tobacco | Ready Meal |Fish | Meat | Extrusion | Glass | Pipe

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Continuous Inkjet printers - CIJ

Non-contact printing method where up to 120,000 electrically charged droplets of ink are expelled every second from a print head nozzle to form a character or pattern. Printing takes place as the product moves on the production line. Ink Types : Edible (Food Grade) Ink | Thermal Ink |

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Laser Marking Machines

CO2 laser technology marks products by producing intense pulses of light which are deflected to form characters. Coding is achieved by removing material or a coating from the product or packaging, or by changing the surface of the substrate

Thermal Inkjet printers - TIJ

Thermal inkjet printer is an ideal digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and CIJ systems,providing high resolution coding onto boxes, trays and sleeves.

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Case Coder (High Resolution Printing)

Linx utilizes both piezo and thermal inkjet in a range of printers to deliver ideal cost-effective solutions to your outer case coding requirements. Both technologies create droplets of ink upon demand, piezo utilize piezo ceramic crystal to eject drops of ink, whilst thermal inkjet rapidly heats the ink creating a bubble that pushes out a droplet of ink onto the substrate

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Thermal Transfer overprinter TTO

Thermal Transfer Over printers are used for coding on to flexible packaging films and self-adhesive labels. They operate by means of a high resolution thermal printhead, which melts a wax and/or resin based ink from a very thing thermal transfer ribbon coating onto the substrate to be printed.

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Types : Food Grade - Edible Ink | Thermo-chromism Ink | Pigmented Ink Colors : Black | White | Yellow

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