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Material Linx Technology provides inkjet and laser coding solution for industrial date coding requirements . These industrial coding machines are used to print expiry date and manufacture date on products…

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Smart Slider with ID:51 Rubber The Linx 7900 Spectrum provides a reliable and expert printer for coding with high opacity inks onto rubber. Our range of pigmented inks for Linx ink jet printers…

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Smart Slider with ID:50 Plastic We offer expert product identification solutions for plastic marking including inks for enhanced adhesion, specifically designed to adhere to printing on a wide variety of…

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Smart Slider with ID:49 Paper and card All Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers and Linx printing inks are suitable for printing onto paper and cardboard printing. Our range of inks include fast drying Linx…

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[breadcrumb] Metal Material :Metal Industrial Coding and Marking on Metal Products Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers offer reliable coding and marking in extreme manufacturing conditions . With outer casings designed…

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[breadcrumb] Glass Material :Glass Printing Expiry and Manufacture Date on Glass We have a range of printing technologies and solutions for coding and marking on to both wet and…

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Coated Metal

[breadcrumb] Coated Metal Material :Coated Metal Printing Expiry and Manufacture Date on Coated Metal We provide a variety of product identification coding solutions suitable for coding and marking needs…

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